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Tokyo cops arrest ex-yakuza boss in assault of underling who fled gang

Akio Fujisaku
Akio Fujisaku
TOKYO (TR) – For one now defunct organized crime group in Tokyo, breaking up was very hard to do — and it ended in multiple arrests.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Tuesday apprehended a former gang boss for beating and blackmailing an underling who had departed from the gang without proper consent, reports TBS News (March 11).

Police accused Akio Fujisaku, a 59-year-old former head of a gang affiliated with the Yamaguchi-gumi, and six other male and female former members and associates of repeatedly assaulting the ex-gangster, 37, over a four-hour period on May 6 of last year.

Eight days later, the suspects are also alleged to have blackmailed the victim, who works in the real estate industry, out of five million yen.

Prior to the assault incident, the victim had left the gang without following its established rules. After the suspects set out to locate him, he was discovered at a hospital in Shinjuku Ward and subsequently transported by car back to the gang’s office in Taito Ward, where the alleged crimes took place.

The injuries of the victim required one week to heal.

All seven suspects have reportedly denied the allegations.

The group, which was not named, ceased operations in November, according to Jiji Press (March 10).