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Okayama cops raid yakuza HQ over shooting death

Investigators entered the headquarters of the Kodo-kai on Tuesday
Investigators entered the headquarters of the Kodo-kai on Tuesday

AICHI (TR) – Okayama Prefectural Police on Tuesday searched an office connected to the Yamaguchi-gumi criminal syndicate over the shooting death of a rival gangster in Okayama City last week, reports Fuji News Network (June 7).

At approximately 3:10 p.m., about 70 investigators entered the headquarters of the Kodo-kai, located in Nagoya’s Nakamura Ward, and two other locations in search of evidence connected to the shooting death of Tadashi Takagi, a 55-year-old executive in the Okayama-based Ikeda-gumi, an affiliate gang of the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi.

On the morning of May 31, Takagi was shot in the chest and abdomen in a parking lot of an apartment building, located in the Toyonari area of Minami Ward.

On Sunday, Hideyuki Yamamoto, a 32-year-old Kodo-kai member, turned himself over to police. He was prosecuted on Tuesday on charges of murder.

Surveillance footage taken in the area just before the incident showed a young man on a motorbike wearing a helmet that covered his face.

Last year, 13 gangs defected from within the Yamaguchi-gumi to form the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi as a rival syndicate. Since then, a number of shooting and car-ramming incidents involving the two gangs have taken place across the nation.