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Yakuza suspected in dozens of thefts of power tools in Kanto

TOKYO (TR) – To be filed under: work-crime balance.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a member of a criminal syndicate who is suspected in dozens of thefts of power tools in the Kanto region, reports Nippon News Network (Dec. 4).

Last month, Masaru Kurihara, a 39-year-old member of the Yamaguchi-gumi, allegedly stole six power tools, including a rotating saw, at two construction sites in Machida City.

Until recently, Kurihara was also a carpenter. “I couldn’t balance my gang activities with my work,” the suspect told the Arakawa Police Station. “So I quit my job when I ran into money problems. Since October, I’ve done this about 20 times.”

A Yamaguchi-gumi member is suspected of stealing power tools (Twitter)

According to police, Kurihara sold the equipment at used-goods stores.

Since September, there have been around 40 such thefts in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture. Police are investigating whether Kurihara was involved in those cases.