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Video captures thieves stealing 100 kg safe in Toyama

TOYAMA (TR) – Two minutes — that’s all it took for three thieves to steal a safe weighing around 100 kilograms from an office in Toyama City early on July 14, reports TV Asahi (July 18).

In surveillance camera footage released publicly, two men wearing dark clothing and white breathing masks are shown exiting a passenger vehicle after it arrived in front of the pumps at a closed Eneos gas station at around 1:30 a.m.

As the lights of a convenience store shine bright from across the street, one of the men then opens the trunk and removes a crowbar, which is used to wrench open the front door of the office. Once inside, the thieves begin ransacking its interior. Eventually, the pair are shown dragging the safe across the floor.

Outside, the duo is joined by a third man, attired in similar clothing, who assists them in loading the strongbox into the trunk. They then speed off.

According to the report, the safe, which contained 200,000 yen in cash, was later found abandoned along a riverbed in Toyama. The thieves are still at large.