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Tokyo tax staffer accused of sex with underage girl

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a staff member at the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau for allegedly engaging in sex with an underage girl last year, reports TBS News (Feb. 7).

In July, Shin Takikawa, a secretary at the Shiba branch of the bureau, allegedly performed acts deemed obscene with girl, then 15, at his residence in Nakano Ward while knowing she was a minor.

On Wednesday, police arrested Takikawa for violating a municipal ordinance regarding the healthy upbringing of youths. He admits to the allegations.

Shin Takikawa
Shin Takikawa (Twitter)

According to police, Takikawa met the girl through a social-networking service. The suspect is currently under investigation over possible participation in other crimes.

“We are currently confirming the facts in the case. If the [allegations] are factual, it is truly regrettable,” a representative of the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau was quoted.