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Tokyo man admits dumping missing woman’s corpse in Tochigi

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police are questioning a man who has admitted to dumping the body of a missing woman earlier this year, reports NHK (Dec. 5).

According to police, the whereabouts of Saori Tomitsuka, a 35-year-old contract employee, became unknown at the end of September.

Police investigating her disappearance found her mobile telephone near her residence in Toshima Ward.

As well, an examination of security camera footage by police revealed a suspicious vehicle in the area.

On Saturday, police took the man, 29, in for voluntary questioning. He said, “I buried [Tomitsuka’s] body at a villa in Tochigi Prefecture.”

Saori Tomitsuka (Twitter)

The man also hinted at killing Tomitsuka, police said.

Police learned Tomitsuka was missing after a colleague visited her residence and found the door open after she had failed to appear at work over an extended period.

The villa is in the town of Nasu. Police are now planning to search the grounds of the villa.