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Tokyo: Insurance co. employee accused of paying girl for sex

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 54-year-old employee at an insurance firm for allegedly paying a high school girl for sex, reports TBS News (Jan. 15).

Last May, Katsutaka Matsuura, an employee at Hoken No Madoguchi Group Inc., allegedly paid 42,000 yen in cash to the girl, then 16, to engage in acts deemed obscene at a hotel in Arakawa Ward.

Upon his arrest, Mastuura denied the allegations. “I didn’t know she was 16. I’ve engaged in enjo kosai multiple times,” the suspect was quoted by police in using the term that means compensated dating.

Katsutaka Matsuura (Twitter)

According to police, Matsuura got to know the girl online.