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Tokyo: Female police officer leaked information to yakuza boyfriend

A female officer from the Shinjuku Police Station
A female officer from the Shinjuku Police Station has been accused of leaking information to an organized crime member (Twitter)

TOKYO (TR) – A 23-year-old female police officer has been sent to prosecutors on Monday after it was learned that she leaked information related to investigations to her boyfriend, who is a member of a criminal syndicate, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Mar. 19).

On Monday, the woman, an officer at the Shinjuku Police Station, was suspended from duty for six months. However, she instead chose to tender her resignation.

That same day, she was also sent to prosecutors for violating the Local Public Service Act regarding confidentiality.

In July of last year, the woman joined the anti-organized crime division of the station. Through her work, she met a gangster, aged in his 30s. Their relationship started at the end of November, according to police.

At the time, the gang member was the target of an investigation into a dispute between rival criminal organizations that was conducted by the Shinjuku Police Station, a fact that she was well aware of.

In December, the gang member asked her about the status of the investigation. Though reluctant at first, she did provide him with information, police said.

The relationship ended after he began pestering her for money at the end of January. The following month, rumors of the relationship began spreading through the department.

During a subsequent inquiry, she admitted to conveying the status of the investigation to the gang member. An examination of her mobile phone showed that mentioned to him that she may be forced to resign if the correspondence were not kept a secret.

“Punishment was the result of an act that reduced the trust of the police. Through management of human resources and business affairs, well will strive to prevent a recurrence,” said police representative Akitsugu Tsuchiya.