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Tokyo ‘fashion health’ parlor raked it in before bust for prostitution

Tokyo police displayed cheerleader and maid uniforms used by Grand Cast Tokyo (Twitter)
TOKYO (TR) – During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many establishments have struggled. However, one so-called “fashion health” sex business thrived — until it was raided by police.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have busted a so-called “fashion health” sex business on suspicion of providing prostitution, reports TBS News (Feb. 1).

On January 15, Koji Sugiyama, the manager of Grand Cast Tokyo, is alleged to have dispatched a female employee, 22, to a hotel in the Kabukicho red-light district to engage in honban, or full sex, which is a violation of the anti-prostitution law.

Sugiyama, 37, is among two suspects who deny he allegations. “I have nothing to say,” he was quoted. However, the other two suspects admit to the charges, police said.

Contraceptives on the premises

A fashion health business typically provides oral sex as administered by prostitutes attired in uniforms.

Upon announcing the bust of Grand Cast Tokyo, police displayed cheerleader and maid uniforms used by the parlor.

The parlor ran advertisements that hinted at the availability of full sex. During a search of the premies, investigators found contraceptives.

Koji Sugiyama (Twitter)

Raked it in

In spite of Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s request that businesses close by 8:00 p.m. during the state of emergency in effect due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, Grand Cast Tokyo remained open beyond that time.

Ignoring the mandate worked. Last month alone, the parlor raked in around 7 million yen in sales. Since opening in 2013, estimated revenue totaled 8.87 million yen. To evade a bust, the parlor repeatedly changed its name, police said.