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Thailand: Suspected drug mules bound for Japan found with 2 kg of stimulants

THAILAND (TR) – Police in Bangkok have announced the arrest of four suspected drug mules who were found with nearly 2 kilograms of stimulant drugs in their systems over the weekend, reports TBS News (June 14).

On June 9, police apprehended the four male and female persons, all Thai nationals, at Don Mueang International Airport prior to a flight bound for Japan.

They were found with a total of 139 capsules of kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs, in their possession. Of that amount, 64 had been ingested into their systems, police said.

The contraband, with a combined weight of 1.82 kilograms, is valued at around 110 million yen, police said.

“I was paid 30,000 baht [about 100,000 yen],” one of the suspects told police. “This is my third time, and I’ve been to Japan in the past.”

Police have also arrested a national of the Philippines for allegedly instructing the suspects to conceal and carry the contraband as a part of an illegal drug trafficking ring.