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Thailand: Japanese national pulls knife in attempted robbery caught on tape

THAILAND (TR) – Police in Bangkok arrested a male Japanese national after he attempted to rob a foreign currency exchange office over the weekend, reports NHK (Nov. 12).

On November 10, Hirokazu Saito, 33, entered the office and thrust a knife before two male employees behind the counter. In security camera footage, Saito is shown jumping over the counter and rummaging through drawers after the employees fled out of view.

Police arriving at the scene apprehended Saito after he was unable to open the front doors, which were locked after he entered.

Saito was subsequently arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery. “I did not want to go back to Japan, and I needed money to stay,” the suspect told police.

Prior to the entering the office, Saito was wearing a black ski mask. When he found the front glass doors locked, he pulled off the mask and knocked.