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Taxi driver injected stimulant drugs left behind by passenger

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a taxi driver over the alleged used of stimulant drugs, reports Sankei Sports (Aug. 10).

On August 9, police arrested Kyoichi Chiba, 58, for using kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs.

According to the Harajuku Police Station, Chiba drove his cab through a red light in Shibuya Ward. During questioning by police, he was found to have a mark on his arm consistent with an injection by a needle.

A taxi driver who ran a red light in Shibuya Ward was later accused of using stimulant drugs (Twitter)

A subsequent analysis of Chiba’s urine gave a positive result for stimulant drugs, police said.

“My customer left stimulant drugs behind in the vehicle,” Chiba was quoted. “I then went home and shot up.”

Chiba told police the injection took place on the morning of August 8. Based on the data recorder on his vehicle, he transported 8 passengers between using the drugs and his apprehension.

Police are now investigating the details for how the driver obtained the drugs.