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Suspected chikan tripped up at Akabane Station

TOKYO (TR) – “Don’t run away!”

On Tuesday morning, three girls yelled at a suspected chikan (groper) as they pursued him across a platform at JR Akabane Station in Kita Ward.

A clip of the incident garnered attention on social media. However, it failed to reveal what happened later. For the rest of the story, we turn to Nippon News Network (May 30), which reports that he was arrested.

In the 11-second-long clip, the man, attired in a suit and carrying a bag, hustles across the edge of the platform as the girls give chase and commuters look on.

Just before a staircase, a male commuter sticks out his leg, tripping the suspected groper, who tumbles to the pavement. He then picks himself up and dashes down the stairs as two of the girls follow closely behind.

“Seeing him run away and the girls yelling — ‘Don’t run away!’ — it seemed likely that he was a groper,” said the shooter of the footage, who is a male university student.

The third girl alerted railway personnel about the matter. According to East Japan Railway, station personnel apprehended the man as he went to another platform.

After being handed over to police, the man, aged in his 30s, was arrested on suspicion of indecent assault. He admitted to the allegations, police said.