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Saitama: Man caught on tape stealing aluminum wheels in Kawaguchi

in Kawaguchi City
Security camera footage shows a man stealing four aluminum wheels from a garage in Kawaguchi City in June (Twitter)

SAITAMA (TR) – Fuji News Network (July 11) has been provided with security camera footage showing a man stealing aluminum wheels for a vehicle in Kawaguchi City.

In the clip, taken on June 25, the man, wearing a white jogging suit, is seen entering a privately owned garage and pilfering the four wheels, valued at around 90,000 yen.

According to the owner, four other wheels were stolen from the same garage in November.

“I don’t think he took them as wheels, rather it was for aluminum,” the owner told the network. “I purchased [the wheels] for a with some emotional attachment, and now I am left with a bad feeling. I want him to do time in jail.”

The matter has been referred to Saitama Prefectural Police. Officers are seeking the man’s whereabouts on suspicion of theft.