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Return to post office ends in arrest for fraud for university student

TOKYO (TR) – To be filed under: He got greedy.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 21-year-old male university student over the alleged swindle of an elderly woman in Yokohama City, reports TV Asahi (June 4).

In April, Yuta Kodama, a student at a private university, worked with accomplices to pose as a police officer and obtain three bank cards from the woman, aged in her 80s.

Thereafter, Kodama used an ATM machine at a post office in Tokyo’s Minato Ward to withdraw 1 million yen.

Yuta Kodama (Twitter)

The following day, he returned to the same machine. However, a staff member, noting something suspicious, alerted police.

Police suspect that Kodama used the card to withdraw an additional 3 million yen on another occasion.