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Pair accused of selling child pornography on adult site

AICHI (TR) – Police in Nagoya have busted an online mail order operation over the alleged sale of child pornography on an adult site, reports CBC Television (Sept. 9).

According to the Nakamura Police Station, Shinta Araki, 29, and Yoshito Boshimoto, 57, sold photographs featuring nude children on the site AV Market.

Upon their arrests on suspicion of violating the anti-child pornography law, both suspects admitted to the allegations, police said.

Police in Nagoya City have accused two men of selling child pornography on an adult site (Twitter)

Customer list of 20,000 names

On AV Market, the seller receives half of the revenue on sales. Police said the suspects are believed to have collected more than 5 million yen through the site.

AV Market is hosted on an overseas server. In June, police arrested three persons for operating the site.

Police also seized a customer list containing about 20,000 names. An investigation is now underway to confirm what photographs each customer purchased.