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Osaka: Man evades police questioning with balcony breakout

OSAKA (TR) – A man attempted to evade police questioning in Daito City on Monday by climbing from his balcony to those of his neighbors, an incident that was photographed by onlookers, reports Fuji News Network (Mar. 18).

At around 3:40 p.m., Osaka Prefectural Police attempted to question the man for an unspecified purpose on a road in the Morofuku area. However, he fled for his second-floor residence.

Footage shot from outside by a witness that was posted online showed the man, attired in brown pants and a blue shirt, later carefully climbing from his balcony to those of several neighbors in succession as officers attempted to get him to surrender.

At one point, he is shown maneuvering around a utility pole, grabbing a line for balance with his legs spread apart precariously.

Police subsequently arrested the man, who was not named, on suspicion of trespassing. An investigation is underway to determine why he fled.