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Osaka: Ex-yakuza suspected of selling marijuana to minors

OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police have arrested a former member of a criminal syndicate over the alleged sale of marijuana to a male youth last year, reports Mainichi Broadcasting System (Mar. 11).

Last October, Ryuichi Takamoto, 40, allegedly sold the marijuana to the boy at a residence in Fujiidera City.

“I did not hand over marijuana,” the suspect told police in denying the allegations.

Ryuichi Takamoto (Twitter)

According to police, Takamoto surfaced as a person of interest after an acquaintance of the youth was arrested for possession of marijuana.

Police later learned that Takamoto had supplied marijuana to more than 10 youths, including a college student.

Record high

Last year, Osaka police arrested 114 youths over marijuana-related crimes, a record high since statistics began being kept in 1990.

Police believe youths in the prefecture are using social media to broker trades.