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Okinawa: Marijuana bust nets ex-town councillor, U.S. military employees

OKINAWA (TR) – As a part of an investigation into the alleged possession and sale of marijuana, Okinawa Prefectural Police have apprehended 20 persons, including a former town councilor in Fukuoka Prefecture and employees for the U.S. military, reports the Okinawa Times (Dec. 10).

According to police, Hironori Tokito, a former town councilor in the town of Umi, Fukuoka Prefecture, has been incicted for allegedly using a takkyubin delivery service to send 100 grams of marijuana to a male civilian military employee (39) stationed in Okinawa Prefecture on July 14 and 31.

The employee and his son, aged in his teens, then sold the contraband to 13 people in Okinawa. At the time of the crimes, Tokito was a councillor for the town, police said.

The boy is a high school student. Among the buyers of the marijuana were two other high school students, both Japanese nationals.

As a part of the investigation, police seized 220 grams of marijuana, valued at 1.15 million yen.

“Proceeds from the sales were used for town-council activities,” Tokito was quoted.

Hironori Tokito (Twitter)

The operation began in 2017. Tokito first met the U.S. military employee while Tokito operated a bar in Okinawa. After purchasing the marijuana from Tokito, the employee sold the drugs at a much higher price.

In addition to Tokito, Hideki Tsuru, a 46-year-old resident of Fukuoka Prefecture and one other person have been indicted. Included among the 17 other persons are two other military employees, the son and one Japanese high school student, all of whom have been arrested.

According to police, Tokito purchased the marijuana from Tsuru. Police arrested Tokito on October 24. Officers searched his office and affiliated locations.

Tokito was elected to office in February, 2014. He was serving his second term.