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Niigata: Police dismiss officer suspected in 3 Peeping Tom incidents

NIIGATA (TR) – Niigata Prefectural Police last week dismissed a male officer who is suspected of trespassing into three residences for voyeur purposes, reports the Mainichi Shimbun (Sept. 11).

On September 10, police dismissed Ryuta Takai, 34, who was stationed at the Nagaoka Police Station. He was sent to prosecutors that same day on suspicion of trespassing in two of the cases.

At around 10:30 a.m. on August 16, Takai trespassed into the residence of a woman in her 20s. Earlier that month, he allegedly trespassed into the residence of an elderly man who lives with a woman in the same city.

“I wanted to satisfy my sexual desire,” Takai was quoted.

Ryuta Takai (Twitter)

Last month, police first arrested Takai over a similar incident. On July 1, he allegedly peered through the peephole of the door of a woman in her 20s in Nagaoka City.

During questioning, he said that he had been committing the same crime for about 10 years.

“We sincerely regret that a police officer was arrested in such a case, and we deeply apologize to the victims and the citizens of the prefecture,” said the Niigata Prefectural Police’s Yoshio Osawa after Takai’s first arrest. “We will do our best to investigate this matter, and we will take strict action based on the facts that emerge.”