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National Diet upping security amid report of Peeping Tom

TOKYO (TR) – The National Diet Building is upping security measures following a report of a person taking illicit photographs inside a women’s bathroom, reports Nikkan Sports (April 27).

At around 5:47 p.m. on April 23, an unknown person took tosatsu (voyeur) footage of female staff member as she used a toilet on the second floor of the House of Representatives.

According to a document circulated to the police affairs division of the House of Representatives, the illicit photographer pointed a camera down into the stall the woman was using. They then fled.

The police affairs division did not disclose other details of the case, including whether the woman was the only victim.

A Peeping Tom took illicit photographs of a woman using a toilet in the House of Representatives on April 23 (Twitter)

“I have never heard of someone taking voyeur footage in the National Diet”

Since the toilet is near where plenary sessions of the House of Representatives take place, it is regularly used by house members.

In response to the incident, female guards are now regularly inspecting toilets as an enhanced security measure. The House of Councilors is also strengthening patrols.

“I have never heard of [someone taking] voyeur footage in the National Diet,” said a National Diet official.