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Manager of ‘JK’ business nabbed for employing minors to provide sex

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested the manager of a so-called “JK” school girl business who is suspected of employing minors to provide sex, reports TBS News (July 19).

In June, Manabu Minami, the 39-year-old former manager of Rifure AI$, which is an out-call service, allegedly dispatched a first-year high school girl, 16, to perform acts deemed obscene with a male customer at a hotel in Shinjuku Ward while knowing that she was a minor.

Minami admits to the allegations. “I wanted to make an environment where girls could earn money,” the suspect was quoted by the Shibuya Police Station.

Rifure AI$ is a business referred to by the abbreviation JK, or joshi kosei, meaning high school girl. On Twitter, Minami billed the establishment as “a specialty shop with idol-grade girls,” police said.

The business, which had nine girls registered on its books, accumulated 600,000 yen in sales over the past three months, police said.