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Man walking with plastic bags leads police to marijuana grow house

OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police have arrested a 35-year-old man over the alleged possession and cultivation of marijuana in Osaka City, reports Mainichi Broadcasting System (Dec. 24).

On November 11, an officer stopped Yusuke Aoki, a company employee, on a street in Suminoe Ward after seeing him carrying four plastic bags.

After the officer discovered marijuana inside at least one of the bags, police searched Aoki’s residence and found 790 grams of marijuana, valued at around 4.8 million yen.

Police also found five marijuana plants and cultivation equipment, including two zippered grow tents.

Police did not reveal whether Aoki admitted to the allegations.

Police believe that Aoki has been growing marijuana for the purpose of sale for the past two years.

Osaka police seized five marijuana plants and cultivation equipment from a residence in Osaka City in November (Twitter)

Amagasaki case

In a separate case, Osaka police earlier this month arrested four fourth-year college students after they were found to be in possession of marijuana.

On December 5, an officer stopped the vehicle carrying Masaki Takenoshita and the other two male students on a road in Amagasaki City.

During voluntary questioning, the officer found 1 gram of marijuana in their possession. “We possessed [the marijuana] to smoke together,” one of the suspects said. “We bought [from someone] on a social-networking service.”