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Man suspected of harassing neighbor with ‘glue in key hole, dead animals’

Eiichi Udagawa (Twitter)
TOKYO (TR) – For intimidation via animal carcass, it wasn’t exactly a scene from “The Godfather.”

Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Tuesday arrested a 56-year-old man who is suspected of repeatedly harassing his neighbor in Edogawa Ward — this time with a dead mouse, reports TBS News (July 27).

At just before 3:00 a.m., Eiichi Udagawa allegedly trespassed onto the property of his neighbor and left the dead rodent at the entrance.

In security camera footage shared by police, Udagawa, with a hood over his head, is shown walking past a bicycle and up to the front door. After reaching down — possibly to drop something — he quickly exits.

“This is the police!” an officer wielding a baton shouts at him at the edge of the property. Another officer is also present.

The officer adds, “You are under arrest for trespassing, is that fine with you?” They then escort him into a patrol car that pulls up.

“I’ve had trouble with the resident [of the house] for 10 years,” the suspect was quoted in admitting to the allegations.

According to the male resident of the house, the harassment by the suspect has taken several forms. “There’s been glue squeezed into the key hole, dead animal carcasses left near the doorbell and soil dumped at the entrance,” the residence says. “It’s unforgivable since it took place so many times in July.”