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Man lived with corpse of mother in Shiga for nearly 2 years

SHIGA (TR) – A 68-year-old man has been prosecuted after he was found living with the corpse of his mother at their residence in Otsu City last month.

On June 10, police working off a tip found the mummified remains of the mother of the unnamed man atop a futon on the first floor.

Police allege that the man failed to report the death of his mother, aged 94, for 19 months.

The man was prosecuted on suspicion of abandoning a corpse on Thursday.

The man shared the residence with his mother. At some point before the discovery, a neighbor contacted police after not seeing the mother for an extended period.

On three occasions in May, police visited the residence to check on the mother. However, he said each time, “My mother is sleeping. Please do not wake her.”

However, he told officers on June 10, “My mother is dead.”