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Man arrested after parents’ decayed corpses found in living room of Yokohama residence

KANAGAWA (TR) – Kanagawa Prefectural Police have arrested a 61-year-old man after the corpses of his mother and father were found in their residence in Yokohama City, reports NHK (May 27).

On Thursday, police accused Kiyoshi Suzuki, of no known occupation, of abandoning a corpse.

“My father died in February, and my mother in March,” he said. “I didn’t contact a hospital since I have no money.”

Suzuki shared the residence in Kohoku Ward with his mother, 85-year-old Hatsue, and his father, 88-year-old Haruo.

On May 12, Hatsue’s nephew visited a koban police box after not being able to contact him.

Officers later entered the residence and found the bodies covered by a blanket in the living room.

Corpses of a man and woman were found in a residence in Yokohama City on May 12 (Twitter)

Found him in a bar

The bodies showed no signs of external wounds. The causes of death are not known due to the stages of decay of the bodies, police said.

At the time of the discovery, Suzuki’s whereabouts were not know. However, police took him in for voluntary questioning on Wednesday after finding him in a bar in Kohoku.

At the time of his apprehension, he had about 300,000 yen in cash in his possession.