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Male part-time worker rapes drunk man in Nagoya

AICHI (TR) – Aichi Prefectural Police have arrested a 25-year-old male part-time worker over the alleged rape of an intoxicated man in Nagoya last month, reports Nippon News Network (July 31).

On July 21, Ukyo Sugawara, a resident of Konan City, stripped the man of his underwear as he slept on a sidewalk in the Sakae area of Naka Ward and sexually assaulted him.

Sugawara, who has been accused of quasi-coerced intercourse, admits to the allegations. “With me liking men, my sexual desire escalated,” the suspect was quoted by police.

in Nagoya
A male part-time worker has been accused of raping and robbing a drunk man on a sidewalk in Nagoya last month (Twitter)

The arrest is not the first in the case for Sugawara. Police first accused the suspect of stealing about 100,000 yen in cash from the wallet of the victim.

During questioning, the suspect hinted at carrying out the same crime on other occasions in the past, police said.