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LDP’s Shunsuke Takei involved in hit-and-run in Roppongi

TOKYO (TR) – The Liberal Democratic Party’s Shunsuke Takei, a member of the Lower House, was inside a vehicle that caused a hit-and-run incident in Minato Ward on Tuesday, investigative sources said, reports TBS News (June 9).

At just past 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, the secretary for Takei was behind the wheel of a vehicle that struck a male cyclist, aged in his 50s, in the Roppongi entertainment district while turning left.

The secretary, aged in his 60s, then sped off. The cyclist gave chase and forced the secretary to stop.

Shunsuke Takei (Twitter)

Takei, 46, was in the back seat at the time. The cyclist was not hurt in the collision, police said.

As well, the vehicle driven by the secretary had not undergone the proper inspection procedures, a violation of the Road Traffic Act.

Two years ago, the private secretary for Takei allegedly crashed the vehicle he was driving into a patrol car. The private secretary, aged in his 20s, was intoxicated at the time, police said.