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Kinshicho pub manager suspected in dozens of drugging, robbery incidents

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested the male manager of a pub in Sumida Ward who is suspected in dozens of incidents this year in which a customer was drugged and robbed, reports (Dec. 3).

In June, Udin Mezaki, 47, allegedly used a credit card taken from a 54-year-old male customer to settle a bill of 190,000 yen for drinks that were never ordered at the pub, located near JR Kinshicho Station, after obtaining it from two Filipino hostesses.

Prior to the incident, the hostesses escorted the victim to a hotel, where he was forced to consume a drink laced with a sleeping powder. After the victim was rendered unconscious, the women took the card and provided it to the Mezaki.

Udin Mezaki
Udin Mezaki (Twitter)

The two hostesses and a third man were also arrested in the case. Mezaki, who is of Bangladeshi descent, denies the allegations.

Police have received more than 90 complaints about such crimes being carried out at establishments near the station this year. Mezaki is under investigation over possible participation in those cases.