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Kagoshima: Man, 85, accused of killing brother

The corpse of a 61-year-old man was found in his residence on the island of Okinoerabujima on Monday (Twitter)
KAGOSHIMA (TR) – A 85-year-old man in custody for allegedly abandoning the body of his brother on the island of Okinoerabujima has been re-arrested for his murder, police have revealed, reports Nippon News Network (July 10).

On Monday, police working off a tip found the body of Yoshihiro Osato, 61, inside the residence, located in the town of Wadomari. He had been dead for at least several days.

Police later accused his brother, Yoshihide, a garbage collector, of abandoning a corpse. During questioning, the suspect, who shared the residence with his brother, admitted to the allegations.

Yoshihide Osato
Yoshihide Osato

Police have not revealed the cause of death since the investigation is ongoing. However, officers accused Yoshihide of murder on Wednesday.

Prior to the discovery of the body, Yoshihide told an acquaintance, “I killed my brother.” The acquaintance then tipped off police who found the body.