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Junnosuke Taguchi marijuana bust: Cops find rolling papers, grinder

TOKYO (TR) – Following the arrest of Junnosuke Taguchi, a former member of boy band KAT-TUN, and his girlfriend, actress Rena Komine, over the alleged possession of marijuana, police have revealed that the suspects also possessed implements to use the banned drug, reports TBS News (May 23).

On Wednesday, the Kanto Narcotics Control Department seized several grams of marijuana and smoking utensils from the Setagaya Ward residence shared by Taguchi and Komine.

During questioning, Taguchi, 33, said the marijuana belonged to him and Komine in admitting to the allegations. However, Komine said that the drug was hers, police said.

Junnosuke Taguchi (left) and Rena Komine

Police also found a large number of rolling papers and a grinder used to grind buds, which has led investigators to believe the suspects are regular users of marijuana.

Police are now seeking to learn how the suspects obtained the drug.