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Japanese woman flees attacker by leaping from 2nd-floor apartment in Bali

INDONESIA (TR) – A 38-year-old Japanese woman was seriously injured last month after she fled from a male attacker by leaping from her second-floor apartment in the city of Denpasar, the province of Bali, local media reported.

On the morning of November 25, a male passerby to the building heard a faint whimpering sound. He then came across Mika Hasegawa collapsed face-down in a field outside the complex, located in Pemogan Vilage.

Hasegawa, who had red marks around her neck, told the passerby that she had been strangled. She was later transported to a hospital where she is being treated for a broken spine.

According to police, Hasegawa jumped from her second-floor unit to flee from a man who had been stalking her. An examination of security camera footage taken at the complex showed a man later identified as Fahruddin, also 38, following her into her unit at just before 8:00 on the day of the incident.

Police later arrested Fahruddin at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta. He was attempting to flee to the city of Medan, the province of North Sumatra. Upon his arrest, he was in possession of an unspecified amount of Japanese yen, a gold necklace, mobile telephones and debit cards.

Security camera footage taken from inside an apartment in Bali appears to show a Japanese woman being stalked by a man who later attacked her (Twitter)

“He worked at a development project in front of the apartment building as a construction worker,” said Andi Fairan, who heads the general crimes unit at the Bali Police, according to site

Police also said that Fahruddin had been stalking Hasegawa over an extended period before the crime.

“The suspect followed her home and strangled her, but she was able to get away and then jumped down,” Andi also said, according to “Afterwards, [Fahruddin] took her stuff and ran away.”

Hasegawa has been living in Denpasar for nearly four years. Just before the incident, she returned from taking her son to school. Her husband was in Japan at the time, local media reported.