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Fukuoka: 12 cops, 1 suspect, under half gram of liquid marijuana — Go!

Junichi Murakami (Twitter)

FUKUOKA (TR) – It took a village, or at least a sizable chunk of a local police force.

Last month, at least 12 officers were present to question a man later accused of possessing marijuana in Kitakyushu City, reports Fuji News Network (Nov. 11).

On the night of October 6, the officers surrounded Jinichi Murakami, an employee in a service industry, and his vehicle after he was observed driving erratically near JR Ogura Station.

During voluntary questioning, the officers found a vape pen, cartridge, and 0.437 grams of liquid marijuana in Murakami’s pocket.

In footage shown by the network, Murakami, attired in a black cap and dark jacket, nods his head as he speaks with the throng of officers.

Upon his arrest on Tuesday on suspicion of violating the Cannabis Control Law, Murakami denied the allegations. “I didn’t know the liquid contained cannabis as an ingredient,” the suspect was quoted.