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Flashback: Tokyo ‘jukujo’ cafes busted for prostitution

TOKYO (TR) – In looking back 10 years, Fuji News Network recalls the bust of so-called “jukujo” cafes in capital that provided female staff members to male customers for sex.

Over a several-day period ending November 12, 2008, police raided five businesses — including Lovers Sugamo in Toshima Ward — on suspicion of violatng of the Anti-Prostitution Law. Police also arrested 12 persons.

According to police, the cafes specialized in women around the age of 40 going by the label jukujo, or an attractive mature lady. One of the cafes charged men a 5,000-yen membership fee and 4,000 yen per hour.

The cafes gave an outward appearance that men and women were afforded a place to meet and chat. However, the business provided private rooms for a customers to engage in honban, or full sex, with the female staff. In return, the shops kept a portion of the earnings from the women, police said.

in Toshima Ward
Tokyo police raided five so-called “jukujo” cafes in the capital over a several-day period before November 12, 2008 on suspicion of prostitution (Twitter)

In footage taken by the network, a number of women, their faces obscured by their hands, could be seen being escorted into a police vehicle during the raids.

The bust was the first of such a cafe to take place nationwide, police said.