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Existence of toilet leads to apprehension of Ginza dine-and-dash suspect

TOKYO (TR) – For many, a toilet is a necessary facility. But that was not the case for a woman in Ginza over the weekend.

On Sunday, Tokyo Metropolitan Police apprehended the woman for allegedly attempting to flee a restaurant in the posh district without paying, a crime she is suspected of carrying out repeatedly.

According to TV Asahi (Feb. 17), Midori Yokura ordered 15 items, including beer, at the restaurant for a bill totaling 12,000 yen on February 14.

However, an officer on patrol apprehended her after she attempted to flee without paying the bill.

“I wanted to eat delicious food,” she told police in admitting to the allegations.

Midori Yokura
Midori Yokura (Twitter)

“I targeted places without a toilet inside”

Police were aware of about 10 similar incidents that have taken place since New Year’s Day.

Prior to attempting to flee on February 14, Yokura told a staff member, “I’m going to the toilet.”

The suspect also told police that was part of her strategy. “I targeted places without a toilet inside,” she said. “This time, however, there was a toilet inside. So I couldn’t flee.”