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Ex-AV actress Anri Sakaguchi released after arrest for trespassing

TOKYO (TR) – Following her arrest on suspicion of trespassing, former adult video (AV) actress Anri Sakaguchi was released from custody on Friday, police said, reports Sankei Sports (Aug. 31).

At around 7:00 p.m., Sakaguchi, whose real name is Mizue Nozawa, left the Nakano Police Station after the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s did not seek detention of her.

On Tuesday morning, Sakaguchi allegedly trespassed into the residence of her former boyfriend, aged in his 30s, in Nakano Ward.

According to police, Sakaguchi followed the man, a bar host, into the residence without his consent.

“I think it ’s a bad thing to go inside [another person’s residence] without living together,” police quoted Sakaguchi, attired in a black breathing mask, shorts and a t-shirt, upon her release. “I won’t do it again.”

The incident appears to have been a part of dispute between Sakaguchi and the man that took place after they arrived at the residence by taxi.

That same day, Sakaguchi posted a photograph in Instagram that showed her left ring and middle fingers with cuts. “After I told my former boyfriend to pay the taxi fare, the door was shut on my fingers,” she wrote.

Anri Sakaguchi (Twitter)

AV debut

Sakaguchi, a Tokyo native, is the daughter of popular actress Ryoko Sakaguchi. She began appearing in a number of television series after entering the entertainment business in 2008.

For Sakaguchi, the past three years have been eventful. In October, 2016, she shifted gears by making her AV debut for label Muteki.

The following June, prosecutors dropped a case against Sakaguchi in which she was alleged to have demanded payment of about 30,000 yen in cash from the same former boyfriend in return for her not distributing a photograph.

Last year, she worked as a hostess and stripper in Tokyo and a sex worker in brothel quarters in Osaka City and Kobe.