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Anri Sakaguchi appearing at Kobe sex parlor

Shukan Asahi Geino Feb. 1
The Feb. 1 issue of Shukan Asahi Geino claimed Anri Sakaguchi was employed at a business in the Tobita Shinchi brothel quarter

HYOGO (TR) – If Anri Sakaguchi’s experience in the adult-entertainment industry were a horse race, she could claim a triple crown.

Earlier this month, it was learned that the entertainer-turned-adult-video-star is to make her debut as a stripper a stripper at club Asakusa Rokku-za in Tokyo in June. Now, according to news site Cyzo (May 22), the 27-year-old is on staff at a “delivery health” establishment in Kobe.

According to the web site of Crystal, which is the establishment in question, 60 minutes with Sakaguhi will run punters a hefty 70,000 yen. Cyzo points out that Sakaguchi is likely familiar with such work. Earlier this year, weekly tabloid Shukan Asahi Geino (Feb. 1) reported that she was appearing at a ryotei in the Tobita Shinchi brothel quarter in Osaka City.

For Sakaguchi, the past two years have been eventful. In October, 2016, she made her adult video (AV) debut for label Muteki. She appeared in eight titles, including “Promiscuous Anri,” which was released by Moodyz in June of last year.

At the time of her debut, speculation emerged about whether the reason for the career change was due to accumulated debt at host clubs.

In June of last year, prosecutors dropped a case against Sakaguchi in which she was alleged to have demanded payment of about 30,000 yen in cash from a host in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward two months before in return for her not distributing a photograph.

“There are surprised voices that are asking such things as ‘Is she mentally fine?’ and ‘Is she still in debt?'” an entertainment writer tells Cyzo. “But there are also voices concerned about her, too. Until now, various things have been talked about, but there is no reason to be worried.”

Anri Sakaguchi is on staff at a "delivery health" business in Kobe
Anri Sakaguchi is on staff at “delivery health” business Crystal in Kobe

In starting her pursuit of the crown, Sakaguchi then took up work as a hostess at a lounge in Roppongi for the month of July. She later revealed that she was moving to another club in Shibuya Ward.

In September, she took to Instagram to announce that her AV career was over, a move she said she made to focus on being a hostess.

Sakaguchi’s engagement at the Asakusa Rokku-za will extend between June 16 and 30, a period that will give her time to earn additional income in Kobe, surmises Cyzo.