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Don’t speak: Hamamatsu man placed 2,300 silent calls to apparel store

SHIZUOKA (TR) – He was at a loss for words — on more than 2,000 occasions.

Shizuoka Prefectural Police have arrested a 58-year-old for allegedly harassing an apparel store in Fukuroi City with more than 2,000 telephone calls.

According to Fuji News Network (June 22), the unnamed man, of no known occupation, didn’t say a word when each call was answered by a staff member at Fashion Center Shimamura.

Between last December and April, the unnamed man placed about 2,300 silent calls to the store. He made an average of 20 such calls per day.

A man repeatedly placed silent calls to Fashion Center Shimamura in Fukuroi City (Twitter)

The man lives in Tenryu Ward, Hamamatsu City. He is believed to have used his personal telephone to make the calls, police said.

Though the man was accused of placing the calls over a 5-month period, the harassment began one year earlier.

Management contacted police after staff members had grown weary of the pestering.

Police are now seeking a motive for the crime.