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Diary of ex-bar host reveals ‘no work due to coronavirus’ before arrest for fraud

TOKYO (TR) – A former bar host from Fukuoka City came to Tokyo to make it big, but he wound up arrested for attempted fraud and inflicting bodily harm.

Upon his arrest, Genki Matsumura, 21, partially denied the allegations, police said, reports TBS News (May 18).

Last month, Matsumura arrived at the residence of a woman in her 80s in the town of Hinode as a part of a tokushu sagi scam, whereby victims are targeted initially over the telephone.

Sensing a ruse, the woman screamed, “This is fraud.” A former officer living nearby arrived at the scene and attempted to apprehend Matsumura.

However, the pair got into a tussle, which resulted in Matsumura inflicting unspecified injuries upon the former officer that require one month to heal.

“I didn’t drag [him],” Matsumura told police.

Genki Matsumura (Twitter)

“I’ll be rich”

Matsumura is from Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, where he worked as a bar host. Police retrieved a bag belonging to the suspect from the scene of the crime.

Inside the bag was a diary written by the suspect. “I’ll become a famous host,” he wrote. “I’ll become rich. In April, I’ll head to Tokyo.”

However, things didn’t quite work out as planned. “I wanted to earn money as a host in Kabukicho,” he wrote in referring to the red-light district in the capital. “But there was no work due to the coronavirus.”