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Cops nab 14 in bust of Roppongi casino likely backed by yakuza

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police this week arrested 14 persons in the bust of an illegal casino in Roppongi that is possibly linked to organized crime, reports TBS News (July 15).

At around 2:00 a.m. on Monday, officers arrested Takatoshi Yamamoto, the 49-year-old manager, and eight other employees for allegedly providing customers with baccarat wagering in violation of the law.

All of the suspects admitted to the allegations, police said.

In addition to seizing two tables, chips and playing cards, investigators also apprehended five male customers, aged between 37 and 72.

Police seized two baccarat tables, chips and playing cards (Twitter)

According to police, the casino operated during the recent state of emergency in effect due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The casino maintained a members-only policy. The front door included a shutter, which was usually closed. If a customer wanted to play, they called in advance and were allowed to enter.

Since opening about a year and a half ago, the establishment has collected about 10 million yen in earnings each month.

Police are now investigating whether a portion of the casino’s revenue was funneled to a criminal syndicate.