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Chinese national solicited for Kita Ward robbery via WeChat

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a male Chinese national who was solicited for a robbery in Kita Ward via a social-networking service, reports TBS News (Oct. 9).

In July, the suspect, 31, and a second Chinese national allegedly broke into the residence of a woman, also a Chinese national.

“You will cooperate if you don’t want to die,” one of them reportedly told her as they tied up her limbs.

After bashing her with a hammer, the pair fled with 3 million yen in cash. The victim suffered a bruise on her forehead, the Akabane Police Station said.

A 31-year-old Chinese national allegedly robbed a woman in Kita Ward in July (Twitter)

Upon his arrest, the first Chinese national admitted to the allegations. “I did it for the money,” he reportedly told police.

The first suspect carried out the job after responding to an ad for “underground work” on the chat app WeChat that was placed by the second suspect.

“I’m looking for a man with a lot of nerve who can do big things,” the person who placed the ad wrote back. “Let’s profit together.”

The second suspect fled for China after the incident, police said.