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Chiba: Ex-Nomura Securities employees nabbed for marijuana possession

CHIBA (TR) – Two former employees of securities firm Nomura Securities Co. are suspected of possessing marijuana at a company dormitory in Ichikawa City earlier this year, police revealed on Tuesday, reports Sports Nippon (Mar. 20).

On January 30, officers searched the dormitory of then employees Gen Katabuchi, 25, and Ryo Shimamura, 28, and found 3.3 grams of marijuana in a bag.

Both Katabuchi and Shimamura, who have been prosecuted for violating the Cannabis Control Law, admit to the allegations. “I bought it at a club in Roppongi,” Katabuchi told police in referring to the popular entertainment area in Tokyo. “I learned about marijuana while studying in the United States.”

Following the incident, both defendants were terminated from the positions at Nomura Securities.

“It is a fact that former employees of our company were arrested,” a representative of Nomura Securities was quoted. “We deeply apologize for causing concern to all parties.”