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Aichi police shoot and injure man wielding knife in Nagoya

AICHI (TR) – An Aichi Prefectural Police officer shot and injured a man wielding a knife in Nagoya on Sunday, reports Fuji News Network (April 12).

At around 10:00 p.m., police received a call about “a man playing with fire” inside a multi-story parking garage in Nishi Ward.

Officers arriving at the scene found the man, aged in his 40s, wielding the knife, with a 50-centimeter-long blade, on the third floor.

“If you don’t drop the knife, I’ll shoot,” one officer said. “If you can shoot, go ahead and shoot,” the man responded.

Police shot and wounded a man with a knife in Nagoya on Sunday (Twitter)

The officer then fired two rounds in the direction of the man’s feet, with one striking him in the lower abdomen. He was transported to a hospital with injuries not considered life-threatening, police said.

The man was also accused of interfering with the duties of a public servant.

“At present, we think the proper use of a pistol was carried out,” said Yasuo Iida of the Aichi Prefectural Police in a statement.