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Security guard suspected of burglarizing law firm in Chiyoda

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a guard for a security company who is suspected of burglarizing a law firm in Chiyoda Ward, reports TBS News (Aug. 25).

On the night of July 22, Ryota Umeyama, an employee of ALSOK Tokyo Co., allegedly used a master key to enter the attorney’s office, located inside a building, while on duty.

In security camera footage, Umeyama is show rummaging through a desk in the office. However, he does not take anything.

Ryota Umeyama (Twitter)

Upon his arrest on suspicion of trespassing and attempted theft, Umeyama admitted to the allegations. in “I did it because I am troubled by money due to gambling,” the suspect was quoted by police. “I entered and stole cash several times.”

Uemyama has provided security for the building for about two years. The law firm had already lodged a complaint over the theft of 2 million yen in cash in the middle of last month. Police are now investigating whether he was behind that theft.

In a statement, ALSOK Tokyo apologized. “We will work to prevent a recurrence,” the statement said.