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Feisty females find cherry boys’ defloration a one-time affair

Shukan Taishu August 17
Shukan Taishu August 17

For a few feisty adult females who feel the urge, there’s probably nothing better to set their G-spot a-spasm than a pink-cheeked cherry boy.

Shukan Taishu (Aug. 17) reports on some of the seduction techniques used by mature gals to initiate innocent young fellows into the rites of manhood.

Megumi, who is 28, works at the cosmetics sales counter in a Tokyo department store. Last May she was introduced to the 18-year-old brother of Keiko, her co-worker, who had just arrived in the capital as a university freshman.

Senpai,” said Keiko to Megumi, “my brother really admires you. How about showing him around?”

She agreed, and wound up taking him for a drive through scenic rural Chiba on her day off from work.

Megumi had a regular boyfriend, so she wasn’t exactly hard up for male company. It was a warm day and while the two relaxed on the beach he pulled off his T-shirt to soak up the sun. Her eyes ran lecherously over his muscular young body, which he’d developed as a varsity swimmer.

“Have you got a girlfriend?” Megumi asked him.

“Nope. Spent all my time doing the Australian crawl,” he replied. “I’ve never even laid a hand on a woman.”

“Back in the car near Togane, I asked him, half in jest, ‘Would you like try doing it with a woman?’ Actually I don’t have that much experience with men myself, but the thought of getting him into a love hotel made my heart palpitate so fast I almost felt dizzy,” she relates.

They checked into a love hotel.

“I peeled off his clothes and we got in the bath. I was already sopping with excitement,” she giggles. “His erection almost made it as far as his belly button. It was a totally different feeling from doing it with my boyfriend.”

While gals like Megumi may enjoy indulging in male-virgin seductions, it appears such flings have practically no staying power.

One or two samples might be good for a short-term roll in the hay, but these unripe “green bananas,” as Shukan Taishu describes male virgins, just aren’t sweet enough to keep a demanding damsel contented. (K.S.)

Source: “‘Wasashi no dotei-kui SEX’ tabuu jitsuwa,” Shukan Taishu (Aug. 17, page 178)

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