Lovely North Korean agents undergo special sex training

Shukan Taishu Sept. 22
Shukan Taishu Sept. 22

Ever since Daniela Bianchi bedded with Sean Connery in “From Russia with Love,” the notion of agents from communist bloc countries who have been specially trained in the arts of sexual seduction has been a recurring theme in books and cinema. But do such people really exist?

Yes, reports Shukan Taishu (Sep. 22), you can believe it. As evidence, it introduces the saga of Won Jonghwa, age 34, who was arrested the end of August by South Korean security forces on charges of espionage.

“Ms. Won, who went to China from 1999, was an operative involved in the abduction of over 100 South Koreans and defectors from North Korea,” says a source in the media. “From 2001, she gained entry to South Korea through marriage. Later, through a sexual relationship with an officer in the Korean armed forces she was able to steal military secrets. She also obtained a list of people who had defected from North Korea.”

But Won’s activities were not limited only to China and South Korea. The same source said she entered into marriage negotiations with three Japanese males in Sendai City and was able to obtain permanent residence in Japan, after which she sent back reports on the activities of North Korean defectors in Japan.

“After Kim Jong-il assumed power he began a program of ‘sex training’ for spies, using agents from China and the former Soviet Union as instructors,” Terence Lee, a risk management consultant, tells Shukan Taishu. “One of the students was Kim Hyonhi, the agent captured alive in connection with the bombing of a Korean Airlines passenger jet. It’s been said the training curriculum that agents underwent surpassed all imagination.”

Such training may have included legendary ancient Chinese bedroom methods that, if applied correctly, might cause the object of seduction to suffer heart failure.

“I don’t know if they succeeded or not, but they actually tested this,” Lee asserts, adding that female Korean agents were put to work at a brothel in Romania to polish their techniques, as well as develop “fortitude” as sex objects, so that they would not feel aroused.

The next phase of the training was their simulated arrest by foreign counterespionage agents, upon which they underwent sexual torture, such as being stripped naked, immobilized and subjected to electric shocks or piercing by sharp objects.

“Only the ones who could stand up to that treatment and refuse to talk would qualify,” Lee says.

Shukan Taishu points to a number of individuals who fell prey to such “honey traps,” such as a former reporter for Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun who was arrested in North Korea on charges of espionage in 1999.

One of the most diabolical techniques is for a female agent to insert a diaphragm lined with cocaine or some other drug. Before inserting, she would take an antidote to protect her from reacting to the drug.

“During unprotected intercourse, a man would be overcome with incredible pleasure, unaware that it’s really because he’s absorbing the drug through his skin,” says Lee. “He just thinks to himself, ‘This woman is incredible.'”

With its lax security laws, the magazine warns, Japan is a paradise for spies, all the more vulnerable because it’s a nation of lechers. The currently unstable political atmosphere may make this the most dangerous time of all. (M.S.)

Source: “Kitachosen bijo supai ga uketa SEX gokuhi kunren kyogaku jittai,” Shukan Taishu (Sep. 22, pages 198-199)

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  1. Cocaine-lined diaphragms, lol how naive can SKorean and Japanese journalists be about drugs?

    MDMA or another tongue-loosening euphoric ~empathogen~ would make far more sense… And pharmaceutical-grade pure substances, with their tiny volumes and often appearing as tiny specks of powder or crystals lacking any distinct color smell or taste, are ridiculously easy to deliver in intimate situations without going anywhere near as far (under nails + finger-licking fun, on outer layer of lipstick, or simply in spiked food or beverage)

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