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Graffiti sprayed on government buildings in Aomori

Graffiti was sprayed on government buildings in Mutsu City earlier this week
AOMORI (TR) – Graffiti was sprayed on three government buildings in Mutsu City earlier this week, possibly by an unknown suspect wearing a red hat, reports Nippon News Network> (May 5).

On Friday, city officials said white paint was used to spray graffiti at six locations, including the glass doors of the main government office building, a tourism and exchange facility and a sports facility, sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning.

An analysis of security camera footage showed an unknown person wearing a black top and red hat spraying what appeared to be graffiti at the main city office building on Thursday at 11:50 p.m.

The city has filed a report claiming property damage with police.

The incident took place during the week-long Golden Week holiday. Mayor Soichiro Miyashita, 37, said the graffiti is “an unpleasant crime that dampens the holiday mood.”

An official at the tourism facility described the graffiti as “troubling.” “This is when we get the most visitors, after all,” the official said. “Wooden parts [of the facility] were damaged, so removing that is pretty difficult.”

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