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Shizuoka cops: Elderly driver crashes into car after reversing into drugstore

A 74-year-old driver crashed into a car after reversing into a drugstore (TBS News)

SHIZUOKA (TR) – An elderly female driver crashed into a car and rolled over after reversing into a drugstore in Shizuoka City, leaving a customer injured, police said on Saturday.

The 74-year-old woman reversed into the drugstore’s entrance before ending up on a road where she struck the car in Suruga Ward at around 11 a.m. on Saturday, TBS News reports (Jan. 28).

The woman told police she shifted into the wrong gear and reversed when she intended to drive forward.

“I panicked after I crashed and tried to go forward, but I ended up going straight ahead,” the woman told police.

Some 30 customers were inside the drugstore at the time of the crash.

One person was transported to the hospital, citing pain in the head, police said.

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