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Saitama cops: Homeless man buried body of brother at container storage site

A homeless man has admitted to burying the body of his dead brother at a container storage area in Kasukabe City (

SAITAMA (TR) – A man turned himself in and told officers he buried his brother at a container storage site in Kasukabe City, the Sankei Shimbun reported on Wednesday (Jan. 4).

Police charged Michio Kaneko, 51, with abandoning a body for burying Yutaka Kaneko, 57, at the site in Nishikananoi in the city in the beginning of December 2016.

Officers also arrested his associates Tomoyuki Noguchi, 57, and Hirohito Kijima, 53, who are believed to have lived together with the brothers on the streets, after their involvement in the case emerged following Kaneko’s confession.

The men have all admitted to the charges, police said.

Police discovered the body of Yutaka where the men said he was buried and found no visible external wounds, TV Asahi reported (Jan. 4). An official autopsy is planned to determine the cause of death.

Kaneko turned himself in late Tuesday night at the Kasukabe Police Station, telling officers, “I buried my dead brother.”

“I thought it was sad to bury him without holding a funeral,” Kaneko said. “We were warming up using a container when [Yutaka’s] condition worsened and he died.”

One of the arrested associates told police the “three of us didn’t know how to deal with the body so we buried him.”

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