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Kyoto cops: Crane driver struck, dragged woman while playing Pokemon Go

A male crane driver is standing trial for hitting and killing a woman while playing Pokemon Go behind the wheel (Fuji News Network)

KYOTO (TR) – A male crane driver indicted over a fatal traffic incident here in September was allegedly playing smartphone game Pokemon Go when the crane struck a woman and dragged her some 130 meters, the Sankei Shimbun reports (Dec. 8).

Hiroki Negami, 47, is standing trial on charges of reckless driving resulting in death over the September 12 incident, where he is accused of striking the 39-year-old woman who was on a motorbike at an intersection after failing to check his surroundings because he was playing the game, according to opening statements by prosecutors and police.

The latest Pokemon Go-related death comes after a 9-year-old boy in Aichi Prefecture was struck and killed by a truck driver who was driving and playing the game in October.

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